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Some kids grow up dreaming of fairy tales. They imagine kings and queens living in mountain-top palaces, a kaleidoscope of colours. Or maybe they picture magical forests filled with fairies, hidden treasure, or even ghosts. We didn’t have to imagine. All those mysterious legends surrounded us as little Portuguese kids exploring their wild streaks. Sure, our mums yelled at us when we came home dirty, tired and covered in cuts and bruises. There was even the odd broken arm. But it was worth it, because the Sintra landscape was – and still is – our playground. Now we want to share our best-kept secrets and local legends the coolest way we know.

Every part of the FlaminGO experience is made in Portugal…

…from your spectacularly good looking and friendly (not to mention, modest) drivers, through to the vintage 4x4s we drive and the delicious wine and cheese you can savour on remote coastal cliffs at sunset.

Our convertible jeeps are the best way to tackle the terrain west of Lisbon – passing from hilltop castles to the sheer coastline of the UNESCO world heritage landscape. Plus, they look super cool, help us to reach secret tourist-free spots and keep things small and authentic.

If you’re here just for an Instagram selfie with the red-and-yellow “Disney” palace or want a cookie-cutter host without a soul, we might not be for you. There is no flagpole to follow or timed bathroom stops. But if you crave adventure, storytelling and a good laugh, our FlaminGO family will take you deeper.

Portugal is a place you feel with all of your senses and we want you to leave feeling exhilarated and energised. Explore our playground for an unforgettable day just outside Lisbon.

It started with one beat-up jeep and a dream

A young adventure-seeking lad born and raised in Sintra, Chico always wanted his own vintage military 4×4 (and to avoid a desk job, obviously). FlaminGO kicked off in late 2016 as a grassroots one-man, one-jeep show, luring willing participants each morning from Sintra streets with the promise of adventure and sweets. Now everyone in town knows Chico (the man, the myth, the legend) and that one-man show has grown into a boisterous family of passionate Portuguese amigos who live with the same fiery passion and laughter. This tight-knit group of friends take turns behind the wheels of 8 classic 4WDs and 1 boat for the most exciting ways to travel around Sintra, Cascais, Sesimbra, Mafra, Ericeira and beyond.

FlaminGO is about the journey, not just the destinations. We keep groups small and genuine. Between castles and coastlines we like to GO beyond – driving off-road, sampling local sweets and liqueur, and snapping Polaroids at the beach. Because we do things boldly and buck the trend, the locals here have nicknamed us the Sintra Sharks. We laugh about it and wear the name as a badge of pride.

Why vintage jeeps?

Take one look and you’ll start to understand this love story between man and machine. Our incredible vintage Portuguese-made ex-military 4x4s helped shape the FlaminGO story right from the start and are a constant reminder of why we got into this in the first place. Its thanks to them we can reach the deepest, most remote parts of the wild Sintra and Cascais regions. Read about each of our beloved jeeps here.


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Happy FlaminGOs!



Founder & General Manager

“I’ve been called a Jack-of-all-trades, but you can call me ‘Chico’.”

Since I was a little boy, my mother has complained about my wild streak – bruised knees, small cuts and a broken arm or two. The thing is, that wild streak only grew stronger. My love for extreme sports and nature evolved into a fascination for vintage jeeps and motocross. Essentially just faster ways to explore Sintra.


Operations Manager

“Don’t worry, I’m on it.”

Listen, I’m no engineer. But I make things work. When everything goes off without a hitch, guess who’s responsible? And everything always goes off without a hitch. I like to keep busy: playing music, learning all about cars and hip-hop, travelling, riding bikes and organizing events all over Sintra. These things keep my fire burning. And I’ll do everything for you to feel the same passion.


Sales Manager

“If you don’t love it, I’ll eat my hat.”

See these hands? They’ve seen some stuff. As the mechanic and mechatronic engineer of the group, I’m the guy the others call when something needs fixing. Sure, we all have our part to play but I’m the one that makes sure every jeep runs smoother than peanut butter. So how do I keep my mind sharp? Motocross and crossfit, of course.


Mechanic & Operations

“Let me take a look”

See these hands? They’ve also seen some stuff. As the mechanic and mechathronic engineer of the group, I’ve become the handyman that fixes things. Sure, we all have our part to play, but I’m the one that makes sure everything runs smoothly. That’s why I keep my mind sharp with motocrossing and my body in shape with crossfit.



“Anything boys can do I can do better.”

I love a good challenge and to prove gender stereotypes wrong. Girls can’t drive? Bullsh*t. Watch me tackle this terrain faster and with more skill than all of the boys. Combined. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m a tough cookie with a competitive streak. But like any good biscuit I have a sweet, soft side too. When I’m not cruising around Sintra I chase adventure on my travels.


Public & Guest Relations

“A beer and a good meal are the recipe for a happy life”

Addiction is not so bad if you’re addicted to the right stuff. In my case I can’t get enough of nature, jogging and travelling. As often as possible, I combine all three. My professional background is marketing and advertising, specialising in marketing intelligence. But the smartest thing I’ve learned is how to enjoy life. And you don’t need a degree to master what works for you.



“Some say I’m so chilled I could stop the polar ice caps melting.”

When you ride with me, there’s nothing to worry about. After all, only the present matters. I leave a wave of good vibes in my wake – whether that’s skating, sound design, making electronic music, spraying graffiti or drifting in jeeps. I always get the job done; no stress, no panic. Mostly so I can go home to my baby girl who’s so spoilt she’s basically a modern-day Sintra princess.



“Age is just a number”

When we say we’re like a family, we actually are. Yes, Errol is actually Andrés father but he fits in with our crew more like a brother. A curious person, human encyclopedia, champion chess and guitar player he can bring any man-made machine back to life. Born in Chile, Errol has travelled the world and lived in Morocco, Spain and the UK. But overall, there’s no place like Portugal.


Photographer & Media Developer

“I can freeze time. What’s your superpower?”

I was born on the same day as Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal’s most famous footballer. I am also a legend, but I don’t catch footballs, I catch moments. Shooting street photography is my passion and the hunt for the perfect shot, the perfect moment, is neverending. You think that would make me patient, but you’d be wrong. I love to travel and hate waiting. If only I could teleport myself.


Content Writer & Producer

“I found my home among the gum trees.”

I swapped the sunshine and blue skies of Australia for, well, the sunshine and blue skies of Portugal. Life here is good. It’s true, I’m the only foreigner to break the ranks, but people here are some of the warmest you will ever meet. When I’m not stringing sentences together for my Portuguese family, you’ll most likely find me taking endless photos of tiles, eating at local tascas and exploring every inch of this small, incredible nation.

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